Come As You Are

‘Come As You Are’ is a short fashion film created for the Kanaiza community of Artists and Diaspora Art Lovers .

Created under very tight conditions, outside traditional work hours. 2 week turnaround deadline ; 4 after work evenings to concept and research muses, a weekend to cast and brief muses, one afternoon to film, a weekend afternoon to edit.

Every participant of the film and the production team were specially handpicked to deliver this project. A small but magical team of 6 including featured muses. Much thanks to Zay, Ed Roe, Erise , Ruth and Billie McKenzie.

The short film is led by storytelling (which a valued strand of the Kanaiza Community), it explores themes of religion, friendship and

Key Concept Product : The Good News Clutch.

  • Role Art Direction, Product Development, Plot Development, Set Design, Styling
  • For Kanaiza Original
  • Type Short Original Film
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